Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson (review by Elisabeth S. '16)

Snow CrashSnow Crash by Neal Stephenson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In a novel that practically invented its own genre, Stephenson brings to life the engaging, fast-paced Metaverse, Hiro Protagonist's virtual reality. The world-building is top-notch, set in some pocket of a distant time ahead that remains unstilted -- unlike dystopian classics such as Brave New World. Snow Crash is refreshingly free of cloying allegory or philosophy, which seem to accompany any novel set in the future nowadays. It teems with energy that casts a vice-like hold on readers and refuses to let go. Hiro and YT (Yours Truly) make brilliant, edgy and flawed protagonists that truly have no parallel. Recommended to budding science fiction or cyberpunk fans. And – if you are already a hardcore fan of either but still haven't read this -- where on earth have you been? – Elisabeth S. ‘16

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